Rainbow Six Siege Operation Para Bellum confirmed

A community announcement from Ubisoft has revealed Para Bellum as the next operation of year 3 for Rainbow Six Siege. Previous leaks seem to be confirmed here, surrounding the Italian Operation and Operators.

We had a look at previous leaks for Year 3, Season 2 a number of times, after more and more details came to light. First, the operators were seen on Reddit but only an image and their names were shown. Many speculated what gadgets could be from these leaks but further details have both supported these claims, while also throwing others out the window. The name of the operation was then leaked, once again in a single screenshot on Reddit. This alluded more towards the gadgets themselves but could not confirm anything.

Fast forward to now and Ubisoft has confirmed the name of the new operation, which is promising for the rest of the leaks. Para Bellum will be the Italian operation for Season 2, in line with the Year 3 roadmap. The development blog post also explained that the two Operators would be Defenders, to counter the two attackers from Season 1. The artwork featured on the blog reveals some very familiar looking red berets, depicting what we believe to be Alibi and Maestro. These Operators appear to be making their way through a field towards an Italian looking farmhouse or a Tuscan villa. This is possibly the setting for the new map coming with the Para Bellum operation.

A trailer for the Pro League finals also teased some footage of the new operators, seemingly confirming the leaks.
Alibi teased in Rainbow 6 Pro League finals trailer
Alibi teased in Rainbow 6 Pro League finals trailer. Source: YouTube
Maestro teased in Rainbow 6 Pro League finals trailer
Maestro teased in Rainbow 6 Pro League finals trailer. Source: YouTube

As previous leaks have often been proven correct and the related leaks for this operation have so far been right with the name, we can look forward to seeing Alibi and Maestro very soon. More will be revealed on the Pro League finals live stream next weekend. Until then, we also have some updates on pick and ban system that will be coming with the new season.

Pick & Ban System

The Ban system will be arriving with the next season. However, it will only be added to customs games so far. Teams will be given the opportunity to ban an Attacker and Defender each. These Operators will be unavailable to play for either team for the duration of the match. To ban an Operator, teams will place votes on the Operator they don’t want the other team to play. The Operator with the most votes will be put on the ban list. The Defending side will begin by banning an Attacker, then the Attacking side will also ban one. The order will then switch and the Attackers will pick a Defender to ban before the Defending side also chooses a Defender to ban. It will be important for teams to communicate in this phase to agree on the appropriate course of action.

Ubisoft posted a video earlier this week showing how the ban phase will work. In that said video we see some unfamiliar icons on the defending side. These will most likely be for the Italian Operators, Alibi and Maestro, that should be coming soon. The Roman helmet blowing smoke may belong to Maestro who has been seen with a cigar in leaks. Leaving the remaining icon to be that of Alibi. The pointed head of the octopus looking animal and the association with the hologram gadget could indicate it is a cuttlefish, known for its ability to camouflage.

More information on the Ban phase can be found on the Rainbow Six Development Blog.
Pick and Ban with featured Italian Operator icons
Pick and Ban with featured Italian Operator icons. Source: YouTube

The rest of the Season 2 updates are detailed in the Pre-Season Designer Notes and includes the previously mentioned Bulletproof Cameras, Echo Buff and Operator Speed Changes. Tune into the Pro League finals broadcast next weekend to find out more. Prepare for a possible June 6th release, according to an in-game notification regarding the current seasonal skins. And most importantly, Prepare for War.