Rainbow Six Siege teases Operation Grim Sky and Season 3 Operators

Details surrounding the next operation for Rainbow Six Siege have been kept tightly under wraps until today. Previous operations have been met with numerous leaks prior to the official reveals but this time is different. Operation Grim Sky has now been revealed as the operation for Season 3 of Year 3.

Thanks to the Rainbow Six Roadmap, we had already known some of what is to come next season. Two new operators were set to join the ranks, one from the UK and one from the USA. We also knew that instead of a new map, we would be getting a map rework.

Rainbow 6 Year 3 Roadmap
Rainbow 6 Year 3 Roadmap. Source: Rainbow6

Yesterday we got a teaser from Rainbow Six Siege’s Twitter represents the map that will get that rework. From the Hereford Royal Air Force emblem in the reflection of the puddle, we can guess that the map getting the makeover will be Hereford Base. With the map being the one familiar place, the two new faces will be the two new operators who are yet to be officially revealed.

The teaser certainly made a splash but we did not have to wait long before Rainbow 6 let us in on more details.

Earlier today, the operation name, new operator teasers as well as confirmation on the map rework was revealed. The tweet below links to the Ubisoft blog post on the next season and states the following:

These two Operators may associate with two different CTUs, but they are both joining Rainbow’s Urban Tactical Response Team, codenamed Grim Sky (or GSUTR).

The first Operator is a Defender from Great Britain. She’s a tough police officer who’s an expert on mob behaviour and snatch-squad tactics. She knows she belongs on the front line and she won’t tolerate any nonsense.

The second Operator is an American Attacker, a specialist with a remarkably sharp mind when it comes to tactical operations. He has seen the worst in Kabul. Despite it all, he fell in love with the city. Legendary for his surgical precision, he remains an enigma within Rainbow Six.

As the above tweet and blog post mentions, the full reveal is yet to come.

Like previous reveals, this one will take place during a live stream event on the Rainbow6 Twitch stream. The first ever Rainbow Six Major will take place in Paris next weekend on August 17th-19th. The full reveal of Operation Grim Sky will occur during the Major live stream.

From what we know so far, it is difficult to tell if the operators in the artwork are those that will be revealed, as the blog post mentions the new defender is female. It is likely that the American attacker is on the left with what is rumoured to be a blowtorch gadget. Which leaves the British defender to be the police officer on the right. However, neither operator appears to be female in the reflection so we may have to wait for the full reveal before jumping to any conclusions.

What do you think of these teasers for Operation Grim Sky? Let us know what you think the gadgets will be for each of the new operators.