Recently, Ubisoft had taken a page out of EpicGames’s book into putting out an incentive for PC players to activate their 2-Step Verification system. In layman’s terms, this is a security measure designed to make player accounts more resilient against hacking attempts.

2-step verification is somewhat similar to 2-factor authentication but generally aims to do the same thing. If you’d like a quick summary of what the latter is, click here.

Ubisoft had struggled with hackers, multiple times for a popular title they host, Rainbow Six: Siege. They have implemented both Fairplay and Battleye but several hackers still found ways to abuse the systems Ubisoft had put in place. While the 2SV is put in place for the Ubisoft player’s account for some time, Rainbow Six: Siege had garnered some attention over the other titles for its hacking issues. The beginning of Operation ParaBellum and its launch were some of the darkest times for R6S when it came to hackers.

In the Grim Sky Patchnotes, the next DLC to drop in R6S, 2SV will eventually be placed as a mandatory feature for players to participate in Ranked queues. However, Ubisoft also put out an announcement that players who activate the security system will get a free Thermite bundle that includes a headgear, uniform and weapon skin.

Ubisoft had released some detailed instructions on how to claim that bonus. However, this offer isn’t unlimited and will only be available until the end of the month.

If Ubisoft and EpicGames have deemed giving out freebies to their players for activating a security system a viable strategy, would other companies follow suit and offer the same perks to their players for their games? What do you think of their strategy as a whole?


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