Ubisoft announced on their website that Rainbow Six: Siege will be free to play this weekend (August 16-20, 2018). During this coming weekend, the entire game will be available. This includes all maps, all modes and all Operators. The free weekend is available on all platforms through the PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace, Steam and uPlay. This comes ahead of the Rainbow Six: Siege Major eSports tournament in Paris, held this weekend. It was yesterday that Gamers Classified speculated that Ubisoft will reveal Operation Grim Sky and the new Clash Operator during the event.

Rainbow Six Siege
Source: Ubisoft

The free weekend is the perfect opportunity for players to try out Rainbow Six: Siege. Ubisoft’s first-person shooter was originally released in 2015 but has completely transformed since launch. Back in February, Ubisoft revealed that the game was transitioning into a service model. This meant that instead of a one off purchase and launch content, Ubisoft would continue support with yearly DLC plans. As a result the playerbase has significantly grown, making the game one of Ubisoft’s biggest games.

Due to Ubisoft’s continued support, the game exploded over time. Source: Ubisoft

While new players will struggle against veterans, the free weekend should introduce players from all skill levels. Ubisoft have confirmed that players can pick up the game with friends and that progress carries over after this weekend. However, players who purchase the Starter version of the game will have to start from the bottom, with a significant grind for new Operators. Fortunately, Ubisoft have confirmed the game will be on sale across the following periods.

PC (UPLAY): August 16th – August 27th.

PC (STEAM): August 16th – August 20th.

XBOX ONE: August 16th – August 27th.

PLAYSTATION 4: August 14th – August 25th.

Ubisoft have also confirmed that the game is available for pre-load on PC (uPlay) and PS4, tomorrow. For PlayStation 4 players, a PlayStation Plus subscription is requires. However, for Xbox One, both Xbox Live Gold and Silver members can play for free. The free weekend is live on each console at the following times.

PC: August 16th 17:00 UTC – August 19th 20:00 UTC.

XBOX ONE: August 16th 07:01 UTC – August 20th 06:59 UTC.

PLAYSTATION 4: August 16th 13:00 UTC – August 20th 13:00 UTC.

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