Rainbow 6 Nerfs Maverick ahead of Grim Sky release

Thanks to the Rainbow Six: Siege Test Server, Grim Sky operator Maverick, is already getting a nerf before he is even released.

Along with some balancing to other operators, Ubisoft has decided to make some changes to Maverick after players tried him out on the test server this week. The most notable changes are to his gadget, which everyone can agree was a little too strong. Having the ability to burn through any surface made a lot of people excited to try out Maverick. As reinforced walls are no match for him, he joins the exclusive ‘Hard Breacher’ club with Thermite and Hibana. However, after only a few days on the technical test server, it appears the devs may have been worried he could replace them both.

Barbed Wire

The first change noted on the Ubisoft blog post is that it is now harder to destroy barbed wire. At first, Maverick could destroy the barbed wire nearly instantaneously, much like Sledge’s hammer. Since the rest of the operators must resort to a couple of melee hits to get rid of them, Ubisoft found this unfair. Maverick’s blowtorch now takes longer, approximately two seconds, to destroy barbed wire which will use half a canister of his fuel. Partly damaging them will also reduce the number of melee hits required down to one.

Maverick's Blowtorch gadget gets a nerf on the Test Server
Maverick’s Blowtorch gadget gets a nerf on the Test Server. Source: PCGamesN
Blowtorch Volume

The thing with the two hard breachers’ gadgets is they are not quiet. You know when Thermite or Hibana is about to blow open the wall behind you. With Maverick, however, his blowtorch is pretty silent. The concept of him as an operator does seem to be more the stealth option though. As a 3-Speed and 1-Armour, his gadget aims to create new lines of sight rather than new entry points. While it makes sense for his blowtorch to be quiet, you don’t want it to be absolutely silent, so Ubisoft has increased the sound it makes.

Smoke Grenades

Even though he is quite exposed while using his blowtorch, a quick smoke grenade could easily take care of that. As Thermite and Hibana do not have to be directly next to their gadgets to breach, this seemed to counteract the large advantage they had over Maverick. Therefore, as the only change to his other gadgets and loadout, Ubisoft have switched out his Smoke Grenades for Stun Grenades.

Other Operator changes

Hatch bug for Hibana fixed
Hatch bug for Hibana fixed. Source: Microsoft

Thanks to a bug that meant some of her X-KAIROS pellets wouldn’t land on hatches, the number required to open a hatch has been lowered. While it used to need 6, if one landed slightly off, you couldn’t open it. It now only requires 4 pellets so that this bug does not remain an issue.

Zofia loses a Concussion Grenade
Zofia loses a Concussion Grenade. Source: Rainbow 6

Another issue with having too much utility in their loadout means that Zofia loses a Concussion Grenade. Having 4 Concussion Grenades in her KS79 Lifeline, supposedly made it too easy for her to push into rooms. Reducing that number to 3 will mean that players will have to think more carefully about when they use them.

Glaz bug turns into Castle buff
Glaz bug turns into Castle buff. Source: Rainbow 6

Our friendly neighbourhood sniper has been encountering a bug where he is not able to destroy Castle’s armoured barricades. Ubisoft has decided that this is actually a good thing and are going to keep it. It makes for a nice Castle buff that will be built upon later in the season where they plan to make Glaz unable to shoot through them at all.

Possible future changes

On top of all these changes, Ubisoft has also noted some changes they are thinking about for the future. These include some changes to Shotgun and Machine Pistol recoil that may come in somewhere in the next season. Clash is also being monitored to see if anything may need tweaking but there will be no changes so far. Lastly, Ubisoft is looking at some changes to Dokkaebi that will come after Grim Sky. They hope to implement a cut off time for her phone calls, without the player turning off their phone. As this will apparently require some UI development, it may take some time before it happens.

Both of the new Operators and changes are available to try out on the Technical Test Server (TTS) right now. Operation Grim Sky will come to everyone else with Season 3 which is expected to be on September 4th.