Rainbow 6 says Hello Bulletproof Cameras and Goodbye Dropshotting

The Rainbow 6 Siege Test Servers got an update yesterday and there are some big changes coming. Bulletproof Cameras and a new Defusal animation have been added, while Dropshotting will now be a thing of the past.

Bulletproof Cameras

Some of the operators will be receiving bulletproof cameras as a secondary Gadget. It can take hits to the front while merely taking some peripheral visual damage. Not entirely invincible, however, the camera is able to be destroyed from shots to the side, melee attacks and explosive damage. Thatcher‘s EMP grenades will temporarily disable the camera for 10 seconds but will not destroy it. There are to be placed on floors and walls in addition to the set cameras around the map. They can also see through smoke but the view cannot be rotated like the other surveillance cameras. These bad boys will be available for Doc, Castle, Mute, Frost, Caveira and Vigil.

Bulletproof Camera
Bulletproof Camera. Source: Test Server

Pick and Ban System

So far this feature will only be available in customs games and can be turned on and off in the settings. Plans are to eventually add it to ranked matches to mirror the Pro League settings. To get to this stage though, Ubisoft wishes to add more Operators and get closer to their 100 Operator goal.

Counter-Defusal Animation

Instead of whacking the bomb defuser with your gun to disable it, you will now have to Counter-Defuse it. The new animation has been added to the Technical Test Server (TTS). According to Ubisoft’s Test Server Notes, the interaction distance and conditions will be the same. However, YouTubers DansomeWoja and Coconut Brah Gaming, have discovered the ability to defuse through the floor and walls as well as some audio changes. A Rainbow Six: Siege Facebook page posted the clip below demonstrating how it will work.

New defuser animation TTS


Posted by Rainbow Six: Siege Türkiye on Thursday, 26 April 2018

Speed Buff/Nerf

Ubisoft has admitted that their 3 Speed, 1 Armour Operators are too overpowered. As a result of this, they will be slightly reducing the speed of those operators while also slightly increasing the speed of the 1 Speed, 3 Armour Operators. Changes will also be made to movement speed when your secondary weapon is out. This does, however, only include handguns and not automatic sidearms. On top of this, shield operators will be able to move faster when the shield is sheathed on their back.

Echo will also be getting a buff in the form of a second Yokai drone. Additional adjustments will also be made to the recharge rate of the drone. This is supposedly to encourage Echo to take more risks with his gadget, as he will have a backup.


No longer will players be able to keep a steady line of sight when going prone. While going prone, you will be temporarily forced out of aiming down sights until you are on the ground. Ubisoft has said they understand how frustrating it can be to play against this tactic. Reddit user, Medisniper, posted some footage of this in action.

They fixed dropshotting. from Rainbow6

These updates are currently available on the Rainbow Six Siege Test Server and will eventually make their way to the full game at a later date. If you’ve had a chance to check them out, let us know what do you think of these changes.