Rage 2

Ahead of their E3 press conference, Bethesda has released a short live-action teaser trailer for their upcoming title, Rage 2. 

At first glance, the teaser trailer for Rage 2 barely holds any resemblance to the first title in the franchise. The trailer seems to be trying to convey a feeling of fun and anarchy. This is emphasised by the music of Andrew W.K., a man known for wanting to party, blasting throughout the entire trailer. Which, in my opinion, is unfair as no one can refuse to have fun when Andrew W.K’s music is playing. There is a high focus on pretty and vibrant colours, which is refreshing considering the original title had a boring brown and grey colour palette.

The trailer doesn’t really provide any information about how this game is going to look and play. The only insight we get into the world of Rage 2 is when people dressed in Mad Max cosplay periodically appear on screen, either yelling, flexing, or flipping us the bird. There are a few, split-second moments when the trailer includes some pre-rendered scenes, but they are only used to show off vehicles and a couple of enemies.

Further information about Rage 2 will be revealed at Bethesda’s E3 press conference. So, if Rage 2 looks like something you would enjoy, you best glue your eyeballs to the television/computer screen when E3 rolls around.

The original Rage was developed by the iconic id Software and was released in late 2011. After the poor reception to the developer’s previous release, Doom 3, Rage was supposed to signify the developers return to form. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. Though the game was reviewed fairly well by critics, gamers didn’t share the same opinion. Repetitive gameplay, a story that wasn’t interesting and had a very anti-climatic ending, characters that looked nice, but were one dimensional, and a very linear mission system did nothing in the game’s favour. As a result, Rage quickly became a cliff-note in gaming history.

That is why a sequel to Rage is completely unexpected. I can’t recall anyone clamouring for a sequel to this game, which makes it announcement all the more surprising. Hopefully, Rage 2 addresses all the faults the original game had and provides something truly unique and fun. Otherwise, you are wasting Andrew W.K’s time.