Quake Champions goes free-to-play at QuakeCon

With QuakeCon in full swing, Quake Champions is now available to play for free forever.

As of this morning at the QuakeCon Keynote, it was announced that Quake Champions is now free-to-play. There have been plenty of opportunities to grab the game for free in the past on both Steam and the Bethesda.net app. Now those that missed out can also join in on the fast-paced action that is Quake.

Once you own the game you will gain access to Ranger as your first Champion and can unlock more with play. The Champions Pack is still available to buy all current and future champions if you don’t want to grind. The latest champion to be introduced was Death Knight, who came with little warning after this sneaky tweet.

The QuakeCon Keynote was streamed on Twitch at 2 am AEST so unfortunately most of us in Australia would have missed it. During the stream, Bethesda used the Twitch Extension to give out prizes like they did at E3. The free stuff doesn’t end there though, logging in to Quake Champions over this weekend will get you a free QuakeCon Heavy Machine Gun skin. On top of this, the Daily Rewards have doubled! Logging in on consecutive days will grant you 2x the normal rewards below. This will continue to run until the end of August so there is plenty of time to claim your rewards. And of course the more days you login in a row, the better the rewards you get.

Double Daily Login Rewards
Double Daily Login Rewards. Source: Twitter

QuakeCon is also more than just Quake. There is plenty more action and are many more streaming events to come over the weekend. Today will conclude The Elder Scrolls Legends two-day tournament and the Quake 2v2 open will begin. Tomorrow will host a Fallout 76 Panel and Fan Q&A. The last day, which will be Monday morning for us, will be the Duel Showdown that you can watch on Twitch should you still be awake.

QuakeCon Streaming Schedule
QuakeCon Streaming Schedule. Source: Twitter

Quake Champions will remain free-to-play for everyone on both Steam and Bethesda.net. The Champions Pack is also currently 34% off on Steam until August 15th.