Recently, the PUBG team at Bluehole were spun off into their own company, PUBG Corp, leaving the rest of Bluehole to ramp up development on the newly announced Ascent: Infinite Realm.

Ascent: Infinite Realm is an MMO. I’m struggling to define it further than that as it features everything. Literally everything. It has mechs, dragons, sword combat, magic, barrel racing, machine guns, flying boats, home building, steampunk wings, fighter jets, fishing, Mario kart, farming, and featured most prominently throughout the extensive 5 minute trailer, and absolutely appalling frame rate. Seriously check it out:

To be fair it still has a lot of dev time left and closed betas aren’t due until at least mid 2018. The game is also utterly gorgeous and those with powerful enough machines to turn up the graphics will surely be impressed.

What genre is this?

A:IR (cool name, right?) features a number of classes that all seem to fit into a couple of standard MMO roles. You’ve got the Warlord, a tanky warrior, the Mystic, a support style mage, and the DPS oriented Sorceress, Assassin, and Gunslinger.


Air Combat seems to be a huge aspect of the game with the website saying, ‘In search of a new home, adventurers take to the skies using a wide selection of airships, vehicles, and flying mounts to traverse A:IR’s open, highly vertical world.’ Aerial PVP is confirmed featuring massive ship battles combined with regular hand to hand combat after boarding enemy ships.

The air battles look unbelievably cool.

There is also a house building element, no hard details have been confirmed but the website does say ‘An estate is your piece of the world.  Explore the surrounding areas, grow your estate, and customize its components to make it all your own.  You can also work with your neighbouring estates to build a community and explore more of the game.’ I’m imagining towns populated with player built and customised houses and that sounds pretty cool to me.

It wouldn’t be an MMO without dragons.

Details on the game are still light, but assuming the technical issues are resolved, this looks like a seriously exciting MMO and one to keep an eye on as more details emerge over the next few months.

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