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French news outlet reports that NieR: Automata is on its way to Xbox One. Platinum Games released their Playstation 4 exclusive on February 23 2017 and ported it to PC a month later. While the source remains anonymous, the reporter has verified the source and reassured readers of their accuracy on twitter. NieR: Automata released to both critical and commercial success, giving publisher Square Enix reason to make the port. The original article doesn’t mention Xbox One X enhancements. However, given Square Enix’s history with Rise of the Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy XV it’s safe to assume Square will enhance it for Xbox One X. Receiving a score of 88 on and selling over 2.5 million copies, many have described NieR: Automata as a sleeper hit.

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Is it worth Xbox fans’ excitement?

With little marketing and virtually no pre-release hype, NieR: Automata hit PS4 with little fanfare. However, the quality of the game quickly shined as good reviews and critical praise poured in. The Japanese role-playing game follows the tale of a a combat android, her companion, and a fugitive prototype. Set in a proxy war between machines and the remnants of human society, players will discover the meaning of humanity.

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IGN described the gameplay as at times “a hack-and-slash, an RPG, a shoot-‘em-up, a brawler, and even a text adventure”. This hybrid of genres allows for a constantly exciting experiences, giving players variation and diversity. GamesRadar praised the “plug-in” system, which provides players with a slew of customisation options, which allow for a ridiculous amount of personalisation in playstyles. The game also offers multiple endings, which extend the game with some replayability. Gamespot wrote “your forward progress isn’t propelled by the mere compulsion to achieve 100% completion; you’re simply pulled by curiosity to learn more about what happened to Earth and humanity”

On top of the excellent gameplay, which Platinum Games have a strong reputation for, NieR: Automata offers a deep story and rich world. The dystopia depicted in NieR: Automata is bleakly beautiful, with creatively original designs and setpieces. The characters are unique, quirky, tragic and most importantly they are so well developed that they feel real. Dualshockers wrote “it brings forth an absolutely fascinating setting, and charming, likable and memorable characters that will both make you smile and tug at your heart strings.

Series creator Taro Yoko. Source: Forbes

NieR: Automata wasn’t just one of 2017’s best games but also the PS4’s best games. If the rumours are true, Xbox fans have a lot to look forward to.

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