Collecting Pokémon Cards with your spare pocket money on a Friday after school is a tradition that I’m sure many Australian’s, such as myself, took part in. Binders of overflowing cards and handwritten checklists filled our draws, but now, TPCi (The Pokémon Company International) has come up with a way to check what you own in your collection remotely through the power of AR and Phone Technology.

The Pokémon Company International announced this morning that they are launching a brand new app that will help you track which Pokémon Cards from the Sun & Moon Expansion Series you own, rightfully called the ‘Pokémon Trading Card Game: Card Dex’. This free application (available on iOS devices and Android) will catalogue the cards you collect by using Augmented Reality by scanning the physical cards and storing them digitally on the app.

The TCG Card Deck app will come with a search function to check the usability and rarity of any card, even ones not in your collection, for easy use for upcoming tournaments, or plainly to see what you’re missing. This app will be able to scan a card from any region, in any language and auto-translate it in your digital collection to the language preference you set inside the app settings. So far, the app supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese, with more to come in the near future.

It goes without saying that this product is something that all card collectors have dreamed of, and soon, it’ll be ready to use in the palm of our hands anytime we rip open a new packet of trading cards. The ‘Pokémon Trading Card Game: Card Dex’ has already launched in Sweden and will soon be available worldwide, for free, on the iOS and Play stores. More information about this product, visit the official Pokémon website here.