PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Xbox One players will finally have access to Miramar, the desert-themed map in PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds. 

The news, which developer Bluehole revealed via the official PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds forums, details that Xbox One players can download the Miramar test server directly from the Microsoft Store starting today.

Testing periods for the map will run on six to twelve-hour windows and will repeat over the course of three days later this month. Though these maps will be available during these time, the servers can go down at any time for maintenance.

PlayUnknown's Battlegrounds Miramar
Someone better role play as Mad Max. Source: vg247

Bluehole has stated that they “will be actively listening to player feedback and using it to improve the build” and asks players to share their comments, questions, concerns in a thread below the forum post. In order to encourage players to report any issues or bugs, the developer is implementing a “bug bounty” rewards system will reward up to 150 players who help Bluehole find bugs during the test period. These rewards will be “swaggy in-game items”.

As keen readers may notice, Miramar hasn’t been officially released on the Xbox One. Instead, it is still in the testing phase and will be limited to TPP on NA servers. This means that those in the Oceana region, such as Australians, won’t have access to the test map as of yet. Whether that may change in the future is unknown. When developers test servers, they tend to focus on a specific region so they can see how they run but ensure that they don’t become overloaded due to a large increase in the playerbase. In most cases, the U.S and Europe are the test dummy’s for online games and Australia is usually left behind. For now, Australian gamers can only watch on from a distance. Unless you own PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC, then you’ve been able to play Miramar for a while now.