On the 31st of January, Nintendo dropped a new DLC Character (with in Update 2.0.0.) free to all who bought Super Smash Bros. Ultimate prior to that date, but not all went as well as they had planned. As you might have heard, multiple people in the Smash community have been reporting that their save data has been corrupted and needed to be wiped completely by using Piranha Plant in All Star Mode. Word traveled fast around gaming circles to get the information out, with more data being lost slowly by unaware players.

It has been just under a week, and Nintendo is yet publicly address the issue or reply to anyone who contacted their support because of another small issue that they have been facing. Not everyone who followed the instructions to get the elusive DLC character for free has received their codes and Nintendo have been frantically replying to as many accounts on their website as they can. It’s possible that the sheer number of people who haven’t received their codes is slowing down Nintendo from getting to the bigger issue of the deleted data.

The Smash Newcomer was meant to be a released during February, but the launch seemed to be pushed early, which may have caused such a glaring issue. Though in a previous Smash email (a service provided ‘In Game’ on the main menu) that stated Piranha Plant was exclusive to the Pre-February Period with no plans to release as paid DLC, they have since back peddled and are now offering the DLC Fighter as standalone DLC, not included with the Smash Fighter’s Bundle. A good chance for anyone who hasn’t bought the game just yet to still have a chance to use this unique character. Piranha Plant’s moveset seems to be a mix between Link and Donkey Kong, with hard hitting attacks, but also floaty swordsmen like mobility.

I haven’t personally tested out All Star Mode with Piranha Plant, in fear of losing my hours of gameplay and achievements, however, some people account playing All Star mode with no issues, so proceed at your own risk. Either way, if you do play Smash, and would like to ensure you save data is safe, steer clear from All Star Mode with Piranha Plant until Nintendo makes an announcement and sends out a new update to stabilize the bug. Hopefully Nintendo releases a Press Statement about the issue soon to ease the worry of eager Smash players. I’ll be watching closely to get the word out when the bug is fixed and it’s safe to play every aspect of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate without fearing corrupted data.

New findings have been discovered on this issue and what may have caused it, you can read about them here.