The show opened with DJs Catalystic and Dakumeow. Up next was cosplay celebrity VINA as D.Va performing “GG”, followed by Daiku Industries and local gaming DJ Kenaz laying down the beats to get the party started. Next in line was a playful maid-themed dance routine by Mews, the Love Live dance group, and then some classically cool K-pop dances by Play Girls.

Local gaming DJ, Jadeabella, brought her energetic dance music to the floor and amped up the crowd with her own high octane dance moves and her intense fist pumps which no one could resist. After Jadeabella, Andy Trieu, host of SBS PopAsia, took the stage and the K-pop beats were back on with everyone enjoying the ride and dancing their hearts out.

International gaming DJ, The Living Tombstone, made his entrance and the crowd went wild. He took them on a journey through his powerful video gaming mixes, at times getting on the mic and dancing in sync with the other performers.

By midnight, Neko Nation and hardcore music legend S3RL was up and putting on his last show at Neko Nation Sydney. Following him were DJs Essi and Catalystic and those in the crowd that had the energy kept partying and even gaming (yes, there was even a special chillout area with video games) well into the early morning.