Caustic Reality Discusses Infliction

This year at PAX, Gamers Classified had the chance to discuss the debut title of Caustic Reality game studios. Launching their very first title, Infliction is an upcoming indie horror game that is available now on Steam. We spoke to Clinton McCleary about Caustic Reality and their debut title.

With Infliction being the first title to come from Caustic Reality, McCleary explained the inspiration behind the name of their studio. Speaking to Gamers Classified, he commented on how “[for me] Caustic Reality means a version of warped reality, which […] mirrors the sort of game I’m making”.

Gamers Classified reviewed Infliction ahead of PAX, and speaking to McCleary, we had an inside look as to what to expect from the game.

Players of Infliction can expect some jumps in time to uncover the story of the game. With, what McCleary describes as a happy family turned to the subject of a horror story, he explains how the birth of his daughter inspired him on the direction of Infliction. He explains that the fears that came with becoming a new father were a significant influence on what became of Infliction. This may offer a hint towards what gamers can expect from the title.

While Infliction promises to have depth to it’s story, there is an equal amount of depth in the environment of the game. The house is full of individual items, all of which can be inspected, which McCleary said was to make the house of Infliction feel more ‘lived in’.

The house and setting of Infliction. Source: Caustic Reality

The world of the game is rich with artwork and interactive pieces to be discovered as you make your way through the dark house and uncover the story of Infliction. With an intense story to be discovered and a terrifying environment to navigate, Infliction is a game that horror fans won’t want to miss.

Check out the trailer for Infliction below to see for yourself the impressive environment of the game:

To keep up with what’s to come from Caustic Reality, you can check out their website here. You can also get your hands on Infliction right now through Steam – it’s shaping up to be one indie horror not to be missed.

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