Double Shot is a unique game that mixes (pun intended) multiple genres for your entertainment. With elements of your typical bartending simulations and some action thrown to the mix, this game tests your capability to multitask and keep you on the toes.

Chris Burden from Aberrant Realities joins us as he explains the ins and outs of this unique VR game.

Gamers Classified: I’m with Chris Burden, one of the developers behind Double Shot. Hey Chris, how are you?

Chris Burden: Yeah not too bad, thanks!

GC: So what can you tell us about Double Shot?

CB: It’s an action bartending simulator set in the 80’s. Basically, the Player has a sentient bar/best friend. It’s your job to defend it from all the bad guys entering the bar and making sure you are serving drinks at the same time.

GC: So this game is set in the 80’s, do you think that there is a drink that represents the 80’s?

CB: So what we really wanted to do was that we wanted to give it a little bit more than just the 80’s. We wanted to give it that retro ‘A’ flare, so we have all these bright fluorescent drinks and when you mix them together, they change colours and everything. I think it’s all about the over-the-top embellishments that does it. So when you make a martini and you set it on fire and throw a piece of pineapple on top of it, it kinda sells that crazy over-the-top 80’s vibe.

Source: Steam

GC: You mentioned that you were one of the developers behind this game, can you tell us about everyone that was involved with this collaboration?

CB: There are seven of us, we are all ex-Academy of Interactive Entertainment Graduates. Essentially our development process has been since our graduation. We had their support, we also had the support of GamePlus and Camera Development Community. They’ve been a huge help to us, not only in terms of financial funding, but also co-working spaces, playtesting and all that general cool stuff. It’s been an amazing experience, for the six other guys and myself, it’s just been an absolute dream come true to come down here and show off our game so it’s been really, really special.

GC: Do you recommend playing this game while under the influence?

CB: I think we’ve all sunk a couple of beers and had a go of it. It is a thousand dollar head equipment so we’re pretty cautious about doing something like that. But, whatever works!

GC: Chris Burden, thank you very much for your time!

CB: Thank you

Source: Steam

As of now, Double Shot is available on Steam via Early Access if you want to try out the game and provide some feedback to Chris and his fellow developers. So get your mixers, gun and glasses ready so you can be the best Bartender in the business!

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