Earlier today, YouTuber PatMat released an outstanding video about he history, exclusive content and events held within the 2015 mobile game that’s sadly not available to play at this current time, Sonic Runners. PatMac is well known for making in depth history videos about video game merchandise and their prototypes and rarely goes out of that genre. This was a pleasant surprise to have show up in my subscription box as I, like many before me, have a strong sense of nostalgia to Sonic Runners. I used to play Sonic Runners on my long commutes to work, and it really helps drown out the monotony of the train ride and keep me entertained along the way. PatMac’s feature length video delves into the history, characters released and all the events in the game, with little tid-bits of development along the way- It was a highly enjoyable watch.

Source: Gameplay from PremyDaremy

Though the video is rather long, it really did cover all the details that one would expect in a video of this sort, and honestly have no filler – it’s just a straight blast of solid information and facts. Though Sonic Runners is essentially lost, as sadly, it’s servers were removed in 2016, since then has been unplayable as the main game requires the internet to run- we will always have our memories of the game. Though some fan attempts have been made to restore a server, as of right now, no major progress is being made. Sonic Runners was a fun little game and something that I, like many other, miss dearly. I want to extend a massive pat of the back for all of MatPac‘s hard work in this amazing feature and highly encourage anyone even slightly interested to marathon this outstanding video, you don’t even feel like you’ve watched that long as time truly flies by with the enjoyment.