• Evolve is shutting down its servers in September
  • It’s also removing access to the Free version of the game
  • Currency Bundles will be removed in July

Well, it was bound to happen at some point down the line.

Turtle Rock and 2K Games Game Evolve will be shutting its servers down in September this year, after an announcement made by 2K games went up.

The game was about Monster Hunting with a squad of 4 people and a playable monster, going against each other – a unique idea, but one that didn’t stick its head out enough after release.

I really love working Crowbcat videos into my work, so here’s what they whipped up last year about this title – it pretty much summarizes the Evolve situation after its release.

It’s such a shame – the concept had so much potential, and developers from Left 4 Dead, the hype train was full speed ahead across the 4 years of development the Game underwent.

Unfortunately, the game was riddled with Microtransactions, and the multiplayer experience was nothing to be overly thrilled about.

When Evolve Stage 2 released after the initial release of Evolve, for Free, it received some form of community, but the player-base eventually declined. In late 2016, Turtle Rock stopped support for Evolve.

This kind of thing is, unfortunately, becoming more common. Boss Key Production ceased development of Lawbreakers, and then ultimately closed. Battleborn, also under 2K, is no longer supported by the team that put it together. It’s sad to see these games ending their development, especially when they offer fresh perspectives on what gameplay can be like.

You’ll still be able to play Peer-to-Peer and with your DLC, but the Multiplayer servers are being disabled, so there goes all the joy of the game. Solo (VS AI) will also be available to play.

Best of luck to the developers of Evolve in the future, it’s a shame it had to end this way.

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