Overwatch’s tribute map to developer Blizzard finally has a release date following its announcement back at Blizzcon 2017. The map will come to consoles on January 23rd (i.e. January 24th in Australia), and takes players across an amusement park featuring Warcraft, Starcraft, Hearthstone and Diablo elements.

It’s an assault/payload hybrid set up so you won’t have much time to take in the sights – however there’s plenty of gameplay footage already up on Youtube given the park has been open on PTR for two months now.

Blizzard has also designed mock-up tickets to this theme park, available to print and not actually redeem anywhere from their website.

Confirmed in an official Blizzard forum post last week, the new Blizzard-themed skins and items will also be found in standard lootboxes on the very same day. Don’t expect to see more than what was revealed in the initial Blizzcon trailer, however, as lead designer Jeff Kaplan confirmed we’ll see more depending on how well these are received.

Not all announced changes will be dropping on this date though, as Kaplan has also specified the nerfs to Mercy and Junkrat currently on PTR would be coming ‘a short while after’ the new content if they pass evaluation.

Is a new map and skins enough to get you into Overwatch, or are you holding out for the mysterious 27th hero? Let us know in the comments.