The Big News

A few hours ago, Overwatch tweeted a “DECLASSIFIED” mission briefing summary of a strike team operation against omnic forces in Istanbul. With the full report missing, we only have the summary to work with, and it’s mostly familiar names (e.g. Ana, Reinhardt, Torbjörn). However, one name stood out in that we haven’t seen it before; Private First Class Emre Sarioglu.

In case you’re wondering why this is a big deal, it’s because hype surrounding the possibility of a new hero is beginning to peak. We’ve been waiting for information about the 27th hero for a while now. Not only are we approaching a good time for a reveal, but Jeff just posted on the forums with a playful response to pleas for hints on hero 27.

Who Could it Be?

As noted by Reddit commenters, the name Emre is a male name of Turkish origin. The tweet also dubs his role as “Private First Class”, as compared to Reinhardt’s “Lieutenant” and Torbjörn’s “Chief Engineer”. This is a low ranking role in the traditional army, implying perhaps that Emre is either young or joined armed forces at a later age. With this information, we could piece together the possibility of Emre being a young Turkish man with a few years of military experience under his belt. That being said, it’s all speculation at this point.

With that image in mind, though, there’s a particular character that possibly fits the bill for Emre. A YouTube video from Your Overwatch pointed out that there were some characters unaccounted for in Ana’s origin story, seen in the photographs that crop up while she’s speaking. Indeed, if you go to her YouTube video and freeze it at the 50 second mark, you can see a young man on the left that could very likely be Emre. Your Overwatch notes that we expected one of these to be Liao, but it’s hard not to draw connections to Emre with the theories above.

The old photograph in question, with unnamed characters on the left and right. Source: PlayOverwatch’s YouTube channel.

Keep Calm and Wait for News

Still, all of that is just educated guesses and information from the community; we’ll know more once we hopefully get the full story. Also, it’s important to note that we’ve had character names mentioned before that didn’t turn out to be playable heroes, as was the case with Efi. Emre could pave the way for a different character instead, acting only as a pivot for the story in the same way Efi introduced Orisa. For now, we just need to wait and see if Blizzard gives us the rest of the report.