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  • Overwatch Season 10 has begun today
  • Brigitte has been added to the Competitive Hero Pool
  • A new map, Rialto, is in development, to be released May 4th. It will be in playable competitive in a later patch.

Overwatch’s 10th season of Competitive Play has begun today, with a few exciting changes to excite returning and continuing players.

The most notable change to the competitive mode is the addition of Brigitte, the new Support-Tank Hybrid added before the Archives Event kicked off in April.

Image via Overwatch

Beyond this, there’s a lot of content to come over the next couple of months, and we’ll be able to see some of it in Competitive once it’s ready.

Up on the Public Test Region right now is the new map, Rialto, a Payload map modeled off of the Retribution Linear PvE map. Like with Brigitte, This won’t be released in competitive until ‘A future patch’, just so competitive players have time adjust to its addition to the pool. It’s great to see another major content addition to the game so soon after Retribution. Rialto will be in the game on May 4th for Aussies.

Also coming later in Overwatch’s development cycle are some character reworks. Big ones.

First up, Hanzo’s scatter arrow is being entirely removed in favour of ‘Rapid Shot’, an alternative intended to quell one-shot killing players. Rapid shot unleashes a barrage of arrows in rapid succession. On top of this, Hanzo is being given a ‘lunge’ ability, which allows him to jump forward quite some distance, similar to Winston’s leap, without splash damage upon landing and the size or scope.

Image via agiledelectablehapuku on Gfycat

Symmetra is also getting another major overhaul, after her last one removed her ability to cast shields on individual players, but gave her a forward moving shield and a shield generator.

We’re yet to see what the reworks look like this time – they haven’t graced the PTR yet.

Image via Overwatch

But from what has been said, Symmetra’s rework is massive, in size it’s on par with some of the larger content reworks we’ve seen in the game in months. Here’s where you can get the details.

Our beloved No-Healing-Policy Support is making her way over to the Defense category – this makes sense, her play style does cater to defensive play moreso than other supports.

Some things to make note of are her turrets now have 30 HP and are deployed as projectiles, Her primary fire is now a still beam, and her teleporter is now an E ability. More to be announced when she makes her way to the PTR.

Enjoy Season 10, Heroes – plenty of content to come.