Image via Overwatch on Twitter

  • Overwatch has a new Competitive Mode – 6v6 Elimination
  • The mode will run the Arcade Mode’s “Lockout” Rule
  • The first season will run through to May 8th EST.

The Overwatch team announced via Social Media at 11AM EST Today that Overwatch would be getting an official 6v6 Elimination Competitive Mode.

The update comes quickly after the unofficial announcement of the mode through the release of a Competitive 6v6 Season 1 Spray with the Retribution Update, which went live last week.

Overwatch Developer Scott Mercer took to the forums to explain details about the now in-game Competitive Mode.

All of the traditional Elimination maps will be playable in the Competitive Version, with Year of the Dog’s Ayutthaya added ‘to the mix’ as an Eliminations Map.

Ayutthaya, via the Overwatch Wiki

On top of this, the Elimination’s “Lockout” Rule will be in place, meaning after teams win rounds, they won’t be able to progress into later rounds with those same heroes, making the mode more about being good at a diverse range of characters as oppose to maining just one.

It’s great to see the Overwatch team implementing new Competitive modes to the game – the addition of a competitive Season for Eliminations doesn’t come as a surprise, but it does come welcome, after Lucioball received a Competitive mode last year with the Summer Games Update, and Capture the Flag Received a dedicated map and Competitive mode last year with Year of the Dog.

The Competitive Eliminations season will be shorter than typical Competitive seasons, and run through to May 8th EST.


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