• Overwatch’s 2nd Anniversary comes with a wealth of content, including skins, emotes, and a roadmap of events running throughout the anniversary
  • Blizzard-Activision has also announced a collaboration with LEGO to release a line of LEGO sets.
  • Overwatch Competitive Deathmatch has also begun its Season.

A loud and proud Happy Birthday to Blizzard’s Overwatch, a game that turned heads all the way through 2016, and continues to turn heads into its second year.

To celebrate the 2nd Birthday of the game, Blizzard is running the “Overwatch Anniversary” event, the same event that ran last year, but with some interesting twists on last years event.

Here’s the trailer.

The event will be running with a wealth of cosmetics and unlockable items, but seasonal items from previous events will also become unlockable through until the end of the event.

Previous years events will also be playable throughout the event.

Competitive Deathmatch has also come about – here’s our write up on that, and a new Deathmatch map has also been released – here’s our write up on that one.

Outside of the event, a wealth of Overwatch stuff has been developing in the background. Coming with the games second anniversary is this stop-motion video, featuring the models of Tracer and Reaper, awesome.

But what’s also exciting is a development with LEGO. Announced through a press release, LEGO will be running an Overwatch series through the Spring and Summer 2018 season. Overwatch NERF toys and a UNIQLO apparel line will also be on the way.

We can’t wait.

Happy Anniversary, Jeff and everyone at the Overwatch Team.

The Anniversary will wrap up on June 12th for Aussies.

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