Image via PlayOverwatch on Youtube

  • Overwatch “Archives” Update announced, to hit the game on 11th April in Australia.
  • Archives Event to take after Last Year’s Uprising event.
  • More to be announced on Wednesday (Thursday AU)

An Overwatch Developer Update Video was released on April 3rd at 11AM AEST titled “Overwatch Archives”, with Jeff Kaplan and Overwatch Team Programmer Tim Ford announcing an update coming to the game on the 11th of April in Australia.

The team members announced that Overwatch would be receiving another Lore-Based event, following last year’s Uprising event.

Uprising will be returning this year, along with an event titled ‘Retribution’, with the developers not wanting to go into too much detail about it, and potentially spoiling it.

The event last year was a PvE Brawl, where a team of Real Players faces the games AI, and from what the developers had to say, it sounds like Overwatch players might be in store for more.

On the topic of PvE modes, Tim Ford said this in the Developer Update Video.

‘What’s really fun about PvE for us is that it allows the players a chance to kind of fulfill the fantasies of each of these heroes, often times your PVP opponents don’t cooperate with you when you wanna put a well-timed pulse bomb or charge as Reinhardt at just the right time, but the AI will happily play along and make you feel like the hero’. 

Jeff Kaplan said in the video that they will be talking about Overwatch Archives ‘all week long’, and that a ‘really cool video’ will be shown at the Overwatch League Broadcast on Wednesday (Thursday for Australia).

It’s difficult to make assumptions on what the event could add beyond the return of Uprising, however the renaming of the event from ‘Uprising’ to ‘Archives’ could indicate a shift in development to consider PvE releases to the game.

Kaplan also had this to say on the Archives.

‘There are all of these cool past moments in Overwatch History and by going into the archives we can re-live those – and Uprising was just one of those events’.

Whatever it is, we’re on the edge of our seats waiting.

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