• Overwatch Has Announced that its 2nd Anniversary Event will Start May 23rd
  • This years Anniversary Event will allow for Players to Purchase Previous-Event Skins
  • Brawls from previous Events will also be playable over the Course of the 2nd Anniversary Event
  • There will also be a Free Weekend from May 25th to May 28th.

Overwatch’s next event, the 2nd Anniversary Event, has been announced, and will begin on May 23rd AEST.

Announced via a leak on May 13th, and then confirmed on May 15th, the event will bring back skins from previous events across the Overwatch Calendar, giving you another chance to get those sweet legendary skins from Archives, Summer Games and Winter Wonderland.

The event will also be bringing back Brawls from previous events, so you’ll get another chance to play some of Overwatch’s iconic alternate modes.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet if the above two returning features will be limited to a select few.

What has been confirmed is a Pirate Skin for Junkrat, which seems to match Roadhog’s Shark skins. Why so serious? More skins are yet to be announced.

Also coming with this years anniversary is a Free Weekend, which will be running from May 25th to May 28th AEST.

Happy Birthday Overwatch, hopefully this year you won’t suck up all my University study like you did to my HSC study.

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