Operation Para Bellum has a release date and it's not long now

The Rainbow Six Siege season 3 operation will be launching very soon, along with the new Italian operators and map.

Rainbow 6 confirmed on Twitter yesterday, that Operation Para Bellum will be going live on Thursday, June 7th. For us in Australia, this will actually be Friday, June 8th. We have been following the updates for this next operation for Rainbow Six Siege since it first leaked earlier in the year and now we will finally get to play it. The Technical Test Server had been testing the new content, including the new map and operators up until Saturday, June 2nd. The Rainbow 6 community has been instrumental in helping Ubisoft bring us this next season in the best condition possible.

When operation Para Bellum does go live, we will be able to try out most of the new updates including the bulletproof cameras, pick and bans, as well as the new map. However, Season Pass holders will get early access to the two new defending operators, Alibi and Maestro. The rest of us will have to wait another week until we can get our hands on them. Players will have until the day before the operation goes live to purchase any of the operation Chimera content. There will, of course, be new content coming with new weapon skins lined up and of course the new Thatcher Elite skin.

The Rainbow Six Siege team will also be at E3 this year and have challenged fans to play off against the Devs. Their squad will consist of MacieJay, Punjistick, Lil_Lexi, Renee, and Zironic. There will be prizes in the form of Chibi figurines for those teams that can beat them. Unfortunately, us Aussie won’t be able to take part from all the way over here, so instead, we can watch the show matches between the Dev team and Rainbow 6 streamers next week.