open-world Star Wars game


Update: EA has removed the job listing from their careers page. I guess this wasn’t the way they wanted their Open-World Star Wars game to be announced.

Job listing for a lead online engineer for an Open-World Star Wars game appears on EA’s jobs forum page.

The job listing details the applicant for the new role will “lead a team to deliver Online features for a Star Wars Open-World project,” which suggests that either this latest game will be an open world game with a multiplayer aspect, or a dedicated multiplayer game with an open world for players to explore.

The listing also states that the position requires the applicant to “work with Networking teams on client and server gameplay to ensure designs will maintain high-traffic services for multi-platform games.” This requirements suggests that the open-world Star Wars game will be available on multiple systems, but also reenforces the importance of the multiplayer component.

Besides these two aspects of the listing, there isn’t much more information that details what the game is going to be. If I had to guess, it could be an MMORPG, but with a focus on consoles, or a successor to The Knights of the Old Republic, which would be amazing.

Faith in EA’s handling of the Star Wars IP has dwindled since the multiple controversies surrounding Star Wars Battlefront 2Players became vocally angry after they realised how long it would take to unlock iconic characters, the high-focus on loot boxes for player progression, and the terrible responses from EA and community managers. EA has tried to remedy the situation by removing loot boxes and lowering the time needed to unlock characters, but there is still a disdain amongst the community towards Battlefront 2 and EA.

Hopefully EA learn from their mistakes and move forward, but considering the focus of multiplayer in this latest title, some gamers may be worried that EA will repeat the same mistakes and further tarnish the Star Wars IP. Only time will tell.