Credit: RS Wiki

Old School Runescape (OSRS) was temporarily shutdown after an update created a glitch that allowed players to drop max cash stacks upon death.

The glitch, which was ironically introduced with a game integrity update, saw players able to glitch their way to a max cash stack (2.147 billion coins), which is a dream for many of the games players.

The glitch was quickly discovered and exploited by some players, leading to the game servers being shutdown for a number of hours while the glitch was fixed.

In a post regarding the glitch, it was revealed that the it was caused by some of the items introduced in the update.

When a player died with them, they were meant to covert into coins, however instead they would convert other stacked items in a players inventory into a max cash stack.

“One of the team was implementing the code for the pickpocketing update. This involved producing stackable pouches that are treated as being coins. On death, the aim was to convert them into real coins, partly so that a PKer could get the value if applicable.

Source: Jagex

When converting a stack of items into a stack of coins, it’s appropriate to check that the calculation doesn’t overflow the max integer limit of the game’s language (2.1 billion). Unfortunately, the logic used for this calculation was incorrect, and when executed on stacks of other items (not the pouch itself) the result was to convert the stack to 2.1b coins.”

Unfortunately for players who used their ill gotten gains to buy Bonds, which are items that can be used to buy membership for the game, things didn’t end well. They had any membership gained removed and were temporarily banned.

“…we will be removing the illegitimately-gained membership which was received via bond redemption during the time the bug was live. Players who abused the bug will also see action taken against their accounts and will temporarily be removed from the game.”

Other players who accidentally performed the glitch were not punished, except for a rollback which took their accounts to their state just before the update.

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