A few hours ago, Nintendo released a new trailer promoting Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that had a hidden Easter Egg called ‘Switch My Way’. In the first few seconds, as the kid grabs the controller to begin playing Smash – if you look closely, you can notice a new mode. The modes that are completely on screen do get increasingly more blurry, but it’s still clear enough to make out. The modes shown off are Training, Mob Smash, Mii Fighter, amiibo and Stage Builder (along with the very blurred ‘returning challenger’ gate). It is rather blurry, as mentioned before, but if you look carefully enough, it is rather clear and easy to make out. This is for sure, an on purpose Easter Egg to gain excitement for the new update, and at least in my opinion, it’s doing it’s job well. This is big news to any Super Smash Bros. fans that love to made extreamly difficult (or interestingly designed) stages and will only add that little bit extra for parties to really explore a unique experience within Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Source: Official Nintendo ‘Switch My Way’ Trailer

The stage builder mode was apparently leaked earlier by fans going through the code of the newest update and finding hints to the mode, along with rumors of it being included, though nothing concrete was announced or easily backed up. With a game as big as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, It’s hard to sort out the fake leaks people post for attention and the real deal. Luckily for us, this trailer was uploaded officially, by Nintendo themselves, so there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that this is a hoax. The next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate update should be released soon, within the next month or so, likely to be in the same update as the Joker DLC. There’s no word on if access to the Stage Builder mode will be free, or charged an additional amount, but my guess would be that it’s available for anyone, even without the purchase of any DLC on the next update.