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Switch players eager to get their hands on Octopath Traveler have found themselves with a long wait with many regions not having enough stock.

The JRPG, which was developed by Square Enix has been hit with the Nintendo curse of not having enough physical stock available to meet consumer demand.

Physical copies of the game have quickly sold, leaving those who want one with a 1-2 month wait or being forced to buy a digital copy.

An apology for the issue has been released via the games official Japanese Twitter.

The tweet apologies for the lack of physical copies of the game and encourages consumers to instead download the game or buy a download card.

This is the latest in a long line of Nintendo products that have failed to meet consumer demand.

One of the biggest was the NES Classic, which was originally released in November of 2016.

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The NES Classic featured a number of classic games from the NES including Super Mario Bros, Metroid and Final Fantasy. These games along with the compact design made it a must buy for many Nintendo fans.

However, console quickly sold out leaving many who wanted one either out of luck or at the mercy of scalpers.

After a large outcry from consumers, Nintendo did re-release the console last month with a ton of stock available worldwide.


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