No Man’s Sky had a polarising history ever since its inceptions. Players loved the concept and the marketing was huge for the game, but once it launched, it faced backlash and anger. Now, with several updates for the past couple of years, it had become an astounding game on its own.

There are many reasons why it was considered one of the most disappointing games when it was released in 2016. It had been marketed to players with a number of features and interesting mechanics that failed to make an impact.

Despite the huge amount of criticism, Hello Games continued working on the No Man’s Sky. They steadily updated the game with a number of features such as ‘The Foundation Update’ and ‘The Pathfinder Update’. With the most recent update, ‘No Man’s Sky Next’ just released, it is considered to be what the launch version of the game was supposed to be.

No Man’s Sky had come a long way from its disastrous launch and now boasts positive reviews recently. On Steam, at the time of writing this article, it holds over 6000 positive reviews recently, a huge jump from its inception.

The game hosts a number of features that were absent during its launch such as Multiplayer, more mission variety and base building. Hello Games had been very interactive with their players and often asked their players to report any bugs in this massively large game.

Now that No Man’s Sky had improved vastly for just a little under 2 years, what do you think of the game now? It may had suffered a rocky launch, but Hello Games did not give up on the game, would you not give up on the game?

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