Nintendo revealed a slew of new details overnight during the Super Smash Bros Ultimate direct, including five new characters. These include King K. Rool from Donkey Kong Country, Simon Belmont from Castlevania, and the echo fighters Dark Samus, Chrom and Richter Belmont.

Source: Nintendo

This news comes after the E3 announcement that every fighter from every previous game would feature, confirming 44 characters. From the characters that are already confirmed, other new characters include the Inklings from Splatoon, Ridley from Metroid and the Breath of the Wild version of Link. Nintendo also confirmed some of the Pokemon and Assist Trophies that will appear in-game. The new Pokemon include Abra, Solgaleo, Lunala, Mimikyu, Pyukumuku, Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix, and Marshadow. The confirmed Assist Trophies include Zero from Mega Man, Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog, Krystal from Star Fox Adventures, Klaptrap from Donkey Kong, Kapp’n from Animal Crossing, Chef Kawasaki from Kirby, Gray Fox from Metal Gear Solid and the Moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. Source: Nintendo

During the Nintendo Direct, Nintendo also announced many more features that would be in the game. One of these announcements was that the game would have 103 stages in total. This includes brand new stages like New Donk City from Super Mario Odyssey They also state that the game will have a feature that allows players to morph various stages together mid-battle, allowing them to cycle through stages. Nintendo also announced that the game’s song library, of over 900 tracks, will be available “on the go”.

The Great Plateau Tower from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Source: Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will also feature many new game modes, such as the Squad Strike mode, which pits teams of 3 or 5 against each other. Nintendo announced a Tourney mode, which allows players to build 32 player tournaments. This feature will most likely be crucial for Smash Bros. Ultimate’s success on the competitive, eSports level. There is also the Smashdown mode, in which characters are made unavailable forcing players to have versatile picks. Nintendo also confirmed that Classic mode will be returning.

Source: Nintendo

While Nintendo has given many details, they still assure fans that they are still saving some surprises for launch. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be available for Nintendo Switch on 7 December, 2018.