• The New York Excelsior has defeated the Philadelphia Fusion in the OWL Stage 2
  • New York Excelsior has taken the prize pool of $125,000
  • The match went 3 – 2, with London Spitfire coming 3rd in the Stage.

The Overwatch team the New York Excelsior has taken the winning title from the Second Stage in the Overwatch League. The match went for 5 maps, and by the end was 3 – 2, in New York’s favour.

The maps played were Route 66, Lijiang Tower, Volskaya Industries, Hollywood and Watchpoint: Gibraltar.

The game was well fought between the Fusion and the Excelsior, with the London Spitfire also making it to the semi-finals, however not progressing through to the final stage.

The win comes at little surprise considering the New York Excelsior’s track record, having won every game they’ve played for the past season, sparing a play against the London Spitfire in Week 2.

The Inaugural season will continue into stage 3, with the outcomes of stage 2 to be remembered – Fusion, Excelsior and Spitfire have proven to be incredibly competent teams, each with a long string of success both as teams and through their individual players.

The roster for the final game included Mano, Saebyeolbe, Meko, Ak, JJnonak and Libero playing for the Excelsior, and Poko, Carpe, Eqo, Boombox, Neptuno and Fragi on the Fusion.

On the final map, Saebyeolbe made a terrific play in the last few seconds, taking out Fusion’s Mercy and Zenyatta, and effectively securing the last match for the Excelsior, provided that they could push the payload to where Fusion had finished.

The New York Excelsior, via Overwatch League on Twitch

Stage 3 will be kicking off on Thursday, April 5th and will be starting with the Shanghai Dragons facing off against the Dallas Fuel.