• OWL Team, the New York Excelsior, has dominated the 3rd Stage of the 2018 Overwatch League.
  • The Uprising, Gladiators, Valiant and Excelsior made it through to the finals
  • The final match was between the Excelsior and the Gladiators, going 3 – 0 respectively, with a Draw on Volskaya Industries

The 3rd stage of the Overwatch League has come to an end, with the New York Excelsior winning the day, carrying on their victory from the finals of Stage 2.

Stage 3 of the Overwatch League ended with an intense game on Numbani between the Excelsior and the Boston Uprising.

The other teams in the finals included the Los Angeles Gladiators and the Los Angeles Valiant, both of which lost 0 – 3 to the Boston Uprising and the New York Excelsior Respectively.

One of the most intense moments of the match was on the final point of Volskaya Industries – the match ended in a draw, and the defending team kept trickling onto the point to push a stalemate.

Here’s a link to that intense match.

Back when it was stage 2, the commentators said that the Excelsior were proving to be one of the best teams in the competition – this victory could be one of many to come.

Live now, the Excelsior are answering questions at a panel. You can watch that here.

Via the Overwatch League