Overwatch’s newest hero was announced today, Wrecking Ball. Blizzard’s latest Tank hero is highly mobile but comes with some low damage. One of the best aspects of the new hero is the adorable backstory. Hammond, a highly intelligent hamster who came from the same lunar facility as Winston, operates the Wrecking Ball mech. In this facility, most animals were primates, like Winston, but there were some exceptions. One such exception was the hamster, Hammond. Growing to unexpected heights, both physically and mentally, Hammond built a makeshift space-pod for Winston and himself. They escaped the lunar facility and flew down to Earth, but were separated on approach. He landed in Australia, which is a Junker controlled wasteland in the Overwatch world, building himself a mech and competing in the Scrapyard battle arena. While Hammond cannot talk, Wrecking Ball can translate his hamster squeaks.


For the full rundown of Wrecking Ball’s abilities, visit Blizzard’s official website.

Quad Cannons – Wrecking Ball’s basic attack is an automatic assault weapon, similar to Orisa’s basic attack, high rate of fire for low damage.

Roll – Holding down the Shift key will transform the mech into a Metroid like ball, rolling around and tanking significant damage. This ability has no cooldown or time limit, meaning players can roll around to their heart’s content.

Grappling Hook – The Mouse 2 attack forces the player into a ball then tethers them to a location. As players move around, attached to the grappling hook, they gain speed. This speed can damage enemies and be used to fling the player around the map.

Adaptive Shield – The adaptive shield gives Wrecking Ball some serious damage resistance. With an indicator letting players know how many enemies are nearby, this ability will give them shields for 10 seconds, which increase with the amount of enemies surrounding them.

Piledriver – Wrecking Ball has a unique fourth ability, the Piledriver. Pressing the CTRL key when in the air slams Wrecking Ball down to the ground for area of effect damage. This ability combines really well with the insane and sporadic movement players can utilise while flinging themselves around with the Grappling Hook

Minefield – Wrecking Ball’s ultimate fills the area with floating mines to deal massive damage. These mines stay in place and detonate when enemies come into proximity.

Wrecking Ball is available for testing right now on the Overwatch PTR.

Source: Blizzard
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