Debuted at PAX 2018, Bioware showed the world the latest trailer for its upcoming game, Anthem, titled ‘Our World, My Story’. Previous trailers for Anthem have had a large focus on action and playing with friends, but since this is a Bioware game, many were wondering about an aspect of the game the developer is known for, the story. This latest trailer discusses how Bioware is handling the story and player choice in Anthem. 

“At the heart of Anthem, is the concept of ‘Our World, My Story’. The unique combination of a dynamic, ever-changing world and a powerful, personal story.” This is how Anthem’s latest trailer opens, and its Bioware’s way of showing off some of the cards they have up their sleeves. The developer has briefly touched on how the narrative will function within Anthem but rarely provided much detail.

This is the first time they’ve officially discussed whether it will be a player-driven narrative as seen in titles such as Mass Effect or Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Judging by the narration in this trailer, it seems that the player will have a large role in influencing the world of Anthem, but also the people within it. “This is your chance to develop a richly, personal narrative where your choices have consequences,” the trailer states.

“You’ll develop bonds with your pit crew, who will help you prepare for future battles. They’re the people in the world who have your back and as your relationships develop, you’ll learn about their pasts and the future they hope to see.”

The trailer also provides further details about Fort Tarsis, the hub world within Anthem. “Fort Tarsis is ripe for exploration as well. You may even encounter shadowy figures with questionable character. It all depends on the decisions you make.” Bioware aims to make Fort Taris a living, breathing place where the player can influence who may inhabit it.

Considering Anthem is a multiplayer game, it will be interesting to see how much influence the player has on the narrative and the degree to which other players will see this changes. If the player doesn’t have much influence, it could make repeat playthroughs a slog.

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