New information on upcoming content was dropped this weekend at Final Fantasy XIV’s Las Vegas Fan Festival. With quite a few reveals that included information on the MMORPG’s next expansion and a new playable class, fans have a great deal to look forward to.

To start off the the weekend, fans were shown a trailer for the game’s next expansion: Shadowbringers. With a release date of early Summer 2019 (Winter for Australia), the next installment in the online game will send players against the armies of Garlemald while also leading them on a path where they must become the Warrior of Darkness in order to succeed.

Update 5.0 for Final Fantasy XIV, Shadowbringers, will include new areas like the Rak’ Tika Greatwood which features sprawling tree-tops and swamps. What is interesting is that there has been no word on a new zone for the expansion. With Ishgard being unveiled in 2014 and Ala Mhigo in 2016, there has been the trend of each new zone being featured in the expansion trailer.

In a press conference with the game’s producer, Naoki Yoshida, there was confirmation that the decision to not show off the new area was because they wanted players to find out as the game’s current story progresses into Patch 4.5.

Shadowbringers will also include nine new dungeons as well as new endgame and Alliance raids. Further information on this, plus many other reveals made this weekend, will most likely be shown at the upcoming Fan Fests in Paris and Tokyo.

Fan Festival dates

Support for 32-bit Windows will also cease with the launch of 5.0 but there will be the inclusion of some new systems into the game. There are plans to update the current battle system, merging TP and MP into one single resource as well as including new jobs and increasing the level cap from 70 to 80.

New Game+ will also be added to the game, allowing players to go back and replay older content with your current character’s stats and equipment.

To encourage newer players who are reluctant to join the Party Finder, Shadowbringers will also establish a “Trust” system. This gives players the opportunity to recruit NPCs to aid them in tackling dungeons at times where a group of players would normally be used.

Crafters and gathers can rejoice as they will be given the chance to help rebuild the Holy See of Ishgard and possibly help establish a new housing district.

Another hinted inclusion in Shadowbringers, is a new playable race. While details on this are yet to be confirmed, those familiar with how Yoshida works will know that his t-shirts often tease what’s to come and with his shirt this year featuring Bugs Bunny, many are expecting the Viera race to make an appearance in the next expansion.

Patch 4.5

The upcoming patch, A Requiem For Heroes, scheduled to arrive in two parts early next year, will include new trials, new raids, and new dungeons but one of the biggest announcements from this weekend was the introduction of the new job: Blue Mage.

Described as a “limited job”, Blue Mage is designed for the solo player. It cannot be used in parties unless they are pre-made. The nature of the class requires players to explore the world in order to collect abilities from other monsters which will be learnt “rarely”.

With other restrictions on access to PvP, Duty Roulette, and Deep Dungeon, Blue Mages will be the first class in Final Fantasy XIV outside the traditional class system.

Another system that will be implemented over the course of 4.5 will be the World Visit System allowing players to travel between world on the same Data Centres. In combination with this, Data Centres will be expanded and worlds will be redistributed over a two week period.

To see how these changes will work, check out the images below:

North American Data Centre Changes

European Data Centre Changes

With the Final Fantasy XIV team saving more content for the future Fan Fests, we can expect to see confirmation on many of the rumours now circulating in the FFXIV community. Will Viera be a new race? Does the trailer reveal a new gunblade wielding class? As Yoshi-P likes to say: “Please look forward to it!”

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