Sad End for EPIC Games


The rising popularity of Fortnite and the Battle Royale genre may have taken a toll on some other Epic favourites. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is still one of the most popular games at the moment and it’s rival Fortnite has been making big strides to catch it. There was a lot of controversy over these two games when Fortnite was first released but EPIC Games continues to keep that controversy alive.

So what happened?

With Fortnite’s growing success, EPIC has made the difficult decision to pull the plug on their popular MOBA, Paragon. The announcement was met with backlash from the community that just wanted the developers to listen to them. Paragon has had a rocky development over the past two years with many changes not being welcomed by fans. The New Dawn update angered many players as it altered the game from a system many believed was already working.

With the explosion that Fortnite was for EPIC, many of the game developers were put on the Fortnite team. They really did make it a game worth competing against the likes of PUBG but it came at a cost. Unfortunately, this meant taking away developers from the already small Paragon team and the game really suffered. EPIC are the creators of the Unreal Engine which makes them responsible for a huge portion of the games we play. Some fans have gone as far as threatening a boycott of this Engine. Vowing to never play a game made from Unreal again.

Already being laid to rest

If you launch Paragon before April 26th you will find that you have access to the Masteries of all Heroes. On top of this, all purchasable items including skins, banners and emotes have been reduced to only a few Reputation points. This invites players who are still sticking around to try out items they previously would not have had the funds to buy. Crates and Key bundles also only cost 1 Reputation point so you can run wild with crate opening. You are greeted with a pop up message of the announcement but are ensured the servers will still run until the closing date. EPIC has recognised as the date gets closer, the player base will decrease and waiting times for games may increase.

Skins reduced to just 1 Reputation Point
Skins reduced to just 1 Reputation Point

What to do about getting your money back

Full refunds have been offered to players across all platforms. Founders packs and other in game items purchased outside of in game currency will be refunded. To request a refund, EPIC have provided a ticket system here.

RIP Paragon and all other games that have gone before, down this same path.