Valve reintroduces the MP5-SD to Counter-Strike Global Offensive

The trusty MP5 from Counter-Strikes past has returned to us this week. Valve have reintroduced the SMG to player loadouts on official servers.

If you played Counter-Strike 1.6 or Counter-Strike: Source, you may recognise the latest addition to your inventory. The MP5 is a Submachine Gun that has been apart of the Counter-Strike armoury since the beginning. It has come a long way since then and you can see the comparisons of it in each game in the Tweet from Betway below:

The MP5-SD is a silenced version of the SMG that has made its way to CSGO. It can now be equipped in place of the MP7. After being out for a few days, players have had the chance to try it out in casual and deathmatch games. The quiet rapid fire of bullets is surprisingly accurate and especially shines with the close quarter ‘run and gun’ strategy. There is a tradeoff unfortunately and that comes in the form of low damage. You’ll need to spray a few more bullets into your enemy before they go down.

Introducing the MP5-SD to CSGO
Introducing the MP5-SD to CSGO

The latest new weapon since the Revolver

Other than the 4 new knife types that came with the Horizon case, the last weapon to be added to the game was the Revolver. The R8-Revolver can be equipped in place of the Desert Eagle but it never really got taken seriously. After its explosive introduction, it was nerfed hard. The MP5, however, seems to be becoming a favourite but its popularity could mean another incoming nerf.

One thing the new SMG is missing though is some skins

Of course, it won’t be long before the community workshop gets filled with some brilliant ideas. It can be assumed that some fresh skins will also be coming out in a case similar to the Revolver case. However, some players have predicted that this could be the start of a new Operation. The last operation we got to play was Operation Hydra that came out in May last year. We hope we do get another operation before next year but we will have to wait and see.