New seasonal platter
(Source: Capcom)

The Celestial Pursuit is getting into the festive spirit with the introduction of Monster Hunter World’s Winter Star Fest. Hunters have the chance to grab some new wintry garb for themselves, plus a snowy outfit for their Palico as well.

Currently available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC the event will run until 11:59pm (UTC) on 17 December, 2018. Almost all of the game’s previous event quests will be available to players – including quests from the Summer Twilight Fest.

These past events also include the collaborations with Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy XIV, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Mega Man. A list of all available quests can be found here.

So What’s New?

The limited-time quests offer Winter Star Tickets which can be used to craft the new armor sets to keep warm in the frosty weather, like the high rank Orion α set for female hunters, and the low rank Orion series for males.

New Armor Sets for the Winter Event
(Source: Capcom)

Palicos also have the opportunity to act as little sentient snowy helpers with the newly introduced Snow Set which can also be crafted with Winter Star Tickets.

Hammer away at monsters with a new upgrade to the Bristly Pinchushion hammer,  which can be obtained through another set of tickets- the Bristly Crake Tickets received when undertaking the event quest, “Timberland Troublmakers”.

Fluffy and puffy, the Handler and Poogie have their own costumes for the event but while Poogie’s outfit will be available to use after the event, the Handler will instead pack away her winter woollies for the time being.

New outfit for Poogie
(Source: Capcom)

A special seasonal platter is also available at the Gathering Hub’s canteen, so players can head off for a hunt with a belly full of festive delights.

To get a full feel for what you can enjoy in this new event, make sure to check out the official trailer below.

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