After 27 years of holding the position as President of Blizzard, Mike Morhaime steps down to be succeeded by J. Allen Brack. This doesn’t mean that we’ll see Morhaime-less Blizzard as he still intends to work with them on various projects. Here is what they had to say.

Morhaime had expressed in his letter to the community about his experiences and hopes for Blizzard’s future. While he relinquished his position, he stated that he will remain as an advisor to Blizzard and his experiences will help the company succeed in many projects as it had in the past. Finally, he explicitly expressed his gratitude for the support he had gained from his fans in multiple mediums before humbly signing off as a fellow gamer

He had stated, “After many years of working with some of the industry’s most talented people to create games and worlds for you to play in, I’ve decided it’s time for someone else to lead Blizzard Entertainment. I will now serve as an advisor to the company I so love and admire. My duties as president of Blizzard will be assumed by my friend, colleague, trusted advisor, and longtime steward of World of Warcraft, J. Allen Brack.”

Brack also released a statement to the community that covered Morhaime and his own experiences. He stated that he had been in a number of major projects and had years of experiences as part of a development team for Blizzard’s game. He also announced two additions to the executive team, Ray Gresko and Allan Adham, both highly respected for their roles at Blizzard.

Gresko had been on the team for 10 years and helped create some of Blizzard’s greatest titles like Overwatch and Diablo 3. Whereas Adham was originally Blizzard’s founder and had major contributions to what is arguably one of Blizzard’s best titles, World of Warcraft.

With Brack now taking Morhaime’s position, it is important to note that it is still a transitioning phase as Morhaime intends to advise and help Brack work into his new role. Along with the additions to the executive team, we could expect new changes to Blizzard’s games in the future.

What are some of your favourite moments of Blizzard under Morhaime’s time? What are some of the things you hope to see Brack bring to the table in the future?

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