Maverick joins Clash as the Season 3 Attacker for Rainbow Six Siege

Both of the Season 3 Operators have now been revealed for Operation Grim Sky. We now know the name of the American Attacker, Maverick.

Last we heard of the new operators was when Ubisoft officially revealed Clash after she was already leaked on Reddit. Over the course of the Rainbow 6 Major in Paris, we have also been treated to the introduction of Maverick. The American Attacker we knew was going to wield a blowtorch gadget and assumed it could cut through reinforced walls. It does, in fact, do that in order to make what appears to be murder holes to shoot the enemy through.

Further leaks have revealed that this gadget will be used to manually cut openings in the reinforced walls. How many of these holes can be made is not known but it is assumed the torch will have limited uses. Maverick’s loadout will consist of two M4 rifles as his primary options, one automatic and the other a DMR. His secondary weapon will be a Marsoc 1911 pistol. These weapons have not been confirmed by Ubisoft but may be revealed during the Paris Major.

These leaks have also speculated that Clash’s weapons will include a burst fire MP9 and a pistol. Her shield and pistol cannot be used at the same time if the shield is to be fully extended. The shock ability that we have seen in her reveal video will not deal a large amount of damage but will slow enemies. These leaks are currently speculation but we should find out soon if they are correct.

Another interesting piece of information that the leaks tell us is that Frost will be getting the next Elite Skin. This may have been a surprise reveal, planned to be unveiled during the Paris Major. The rest of the reveal will take place during the Rainbow 6 Major in Paris that you can watch on Twitch this weekend from August 17th-19th.