Mario Tennis Aces is a spin off of the main Mario series in which characters from the Mushroom Kingdom compete in Tennis Tournaments. In a shocking turn of events, Nintendo decided to update the game by giving it a brand new CGI cutscene to start off Adventure Mode, replacing the original introduction. This addition is most intriguing since Mario Tennis Aces was released on the Nintendo Switch just shy of a year ago, so seeing such a big change in the game, especially when most players would have completed Adventure Mode, leaving the new introduction unseen to them. That being said, the new introduction cutscene follows the same story as the original – with Wario and Waluigi tracking down Lucien, the Legendary Racket to beat all of the competition with ease. After finding their prize, Wario and Waluigi head back to the competition to show of their new secret weapon when it all goes awry.

Source: GameXplain’s Archive of the New Opening

The update adds an extra scene to show more of the backstory of Wario and Waluigi discovering Lucien, however, right after that, the cutscene goes into what was already shown in the original version. The original version features static images, character portraits and text boxes while the new version (though keeping some text boxed scenes in a stylistic way) replaces all of that with full motion CGI – and it really does change the feeling of the opening, making the final product seem more polished. Though not everyone who owns Mario Tennis Aces will even see this new cutscene, it is highly appreciated, making the game feel more whole, and it’s always a blast to see the Mario Cast in action – especially in their spin off games. Mario Tennis Aces is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch and can be bought right now in any store that sells video games.