Maplestory 2 had come a decently long way ever since its inception in October to the Global Market, including the Oceanic region. Nexon is now diving into an expansion that promises a variety of content within the game including PvP, new areas and of course, a new class. We will also be giving away some explorer packs so be sure to continue reading!

Soul Binder

Soul Binder is the new class that will make its debut on the Global Maplestory 2 areas. This class, in particular, uses a unique system that requires you as a player to keep an eye on their orbs system to maximise the potential this class has. On top of their capability to dish out some damage, they have some support aspects as well such as keeping your fellow Maplers sustained and topped up for challenging combat in various dungeons.

Sky Fortress

Source: Maplestory 2, Nexon

This particular area comes with several new features such as Guild dungeons, faction missions and of course, rewards to get your character rolling in for the upcoming features. Whether it is grabbing those extra materials for upgrades or just getting a little bit better rolls for your armour, it is all there. Furthermore, these quests will be put forth by five different factions, each with their own rewards and requirements to work for them. So be sure to look through each one thoroughly as their rewards could be the very thing you need for your character.


PvP had always been around in Maplestory 2, but not one that is in an arena with actual balancing and ranking until now. This new system will allow players to test their mettle against other players. Gear won’t be the major factor, but rather how you use your class’s skills to its fullest potential to obtain victory.

Source: Maplestory 2, Nexon

Grab those victories in these 1v1 settings to get some amazing rewards that you can show off your prowess. However, be aware, there are players out there that will definitely not make it easy for you to climb the ladder, so be prepared to take all the necessary tools you need to reach the top!

and more!

This update also brings in some changes aimed to help players along the way. Existing Hard dungeons had their loot tables updated with new rewards. If you need to upgrade those weapons or reroll your existing ones, then this update is right there for the taking to give you that edge.

Source: Maplestory 2, Nexon

On top of that, if you are planning to make a new character (Soul Binder anyone?) and have an existing lvl60 character, you will get a care package designed to get your new character up and ready for the latest content.

Will you be planning to play through the new Maplestory 2 content?

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