Lunar New Year skins make their way to Overwatch

With the Chinese New Year just around the corner, Overwatch has revealed the Lunar New Year skins that will become available in-game tomorrow.

These new skins all cater to an ancient Chinese theme of military generals and strategists of the Han Dynasty. Magnificent beards are on display for the Year of the Pig that will run well into February. The capture the flag event will also be returning for a limited time.

As was revealed on Twitter each day since the announcement, here are all the skins released so far. Up first is Reaper, who’s skin is inspired by the Chinese military general LÜ BU, the Flying General. Next is Hanzo, who has grown a beard for the occasion to represent HUANG ZHONG, another military general who won the Battle of Mount Dingjun. Reinhardt follows with an arguably superior beard for his GUAN YU skin, nicknamed the God of War. Another general who served under warlord Liu Bei was ZHANG FEI, who is now encompassed by Torbjörn. Finally, we have Zenyatta as the Chinese politician and war strategist ZHUGE LIANG who earned the nickname, Crouching Dragon.

These skins will add to the arsenal of those from both last year’s Lunar New Year and the year before that for Year of the Dog and Year of the Rooster. The event will run from January 25th to February 19th for us in Australia. Plenty of time to hopefully pick up your favourite skins. Let us know what you think of this year’s event once it launches tomorrow.

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