• Lawbreakers has become a Free to Play Game
  • It will remain free until the Server Closure in September
  • Support for Lawbreakers has ceased after the announcement of Boss Key Productions closing

Lawbreakers was a game that never was, swept up in the typhoon that was Overwatch, dropped in 2016 with a $30 price tag and an overwhelming amount of ambition.

The game was spearheaded by industry figure Cliff Bleszinski, and was marketed as a hardcore class-based FPS game – which it was, with a heap of buzzwords and a long marketing campaign about how bad-ass its gameplay is. Unfortunately, it wasn’t met with an overwhelming amount of popularity, with its playercount being lower than Battleborn, which met a similar fate at the hands of Overwatch.

Here’s a quick rundown on what became of Lawbreakers.

Ultimately, its unpopularity lead to the closure of Boss Key Productions, shortly after they released an entry into the Battle Royale genre, with Radical Heights.

On Steam, pleas for the game to go Free to Play and adopt a Free To Play model paint the games community hub, which is worth speculating over if it would have brought popularirty to the series, but for the duration of the games support, Lawbreakers held onto its price tag.

Now, as of the 12th of June, the game is Free to Play, but unfortunately, the servers will only remain active until September 14th, according to a blog post. So hopefully the game will gain traction and a community it desperately needed.

The stats have definitely improved, by up to 498.71% from the writing of this article, but lets see if the community can stick around.

It’s a shame – it was a really fun game. Best of luck into the future for its developers.