A brand new DLC pack for Kingdom Hearts III was just announced at the World of Tres Concert in Tokyo, Japan – teasing at new scenarios to play through to expand what’s already a magnificent game. Twitter use, aibo, who documents Kingdom Hearts news, revealed everything announced by Tetsuya Nomura at the Kingdom Hearts: World of Tres Concert which is sure to have Kingdom Hearts fans giddy with excitement. Fans can be lookig forward to a brand new Episode to play through which will include multiple boss battles along with a ‘secret episode’ with one last big boss battle to conquer. It’s unknown if the boss battles will be rehashed harder versions of previous bosses, or band new ones all together, but for any Pride Mode lover, this is sure to eat up a much deserved portion of their time.

Source: aibo on Twitter

An English Voice option will also be patched into the Japanese version of the game with this DLC for another way Japanese fans can play through the game if they so wish, but that’s quite a small update compared to the rest. These new Episodes don’t exactly evoke ‘Final Mix’ as you might be thinking, so I do personally expect a proper Final Mix version to come out in the near future with even more scenarios to play through. If you’ve still been on the fence about buying Kingdom Hearts III, waiting for the full package, I suggest you wait a little bit longer to eventually play the completed Final Mix, which will almost certainly receive a stand alone physical release – but just know that you’re missing out on an amazing experience in the meantime. Not much else is know about the DLC update, no price or even a date it’s supposed to release, but one thing we can be sure of is aibo on Twitter will post about any upcoming news – so if you’re a fan of Kingdom Hearts and can work through the pure Japanese, you have someone new to follow.