John Wick against neon background holding gun
Source: Good Good Shepherd Entertainment

Freshen up on your gun-fu skills because we will soon be able to take on the role of the renowned hitman and dog-avenger, John Wick, in his very own strategy game: John Wick Hex.

The game is currently being directed by the creator of Thomas Was Alone, Mike Bitchell, in collaboration with Lionsgate Games and Good Shepard Entertainment.

While we can’t get our hands on John Wick: Hex just yet, a newly released trailer gives us an idea of how the game is going to play when it’s released later this year.

A film series that watches like a video game is actually getting its own video game.

So far, John Wick: Hex looks to introduce turn-based strategy to the action packed gun-fu that the film franchise is known for. The trailer itself definitely gives off a tone similar to the films and the cel-shaded art style lends well to the game’s dark and gritty atmosphere.

According to a report from The Verge, the game will feature its own original story. Plus, the game’s fight choreography will be created in collaboration with the creative and stunt teams behind the films. Weapons and Wick’s outfits will also be unlockable but players will need to consider their actions because they will definitely have their own consequences.

John Wick and against two enemy men with an action menu.
Like a game of chess, actions will need to be thought through carefully. Source: Good Shepherd Entertainment

As featured in the trailer, actor Lance Reddick (Charon) will be in the game. The Verge further stated that actor Ian McShane (Winston) will also be lending his voice to the title. Whether Keanu Reeves will take on the role of Baba Yaga is still unknown but we can look forward to more casting announcements in the future.

The game is scheduled for release on console, PC and Mac — exclusively via the Epic Store. Luckily, fans of John Wick have the third film instalment (John Wick 3 – Parabellum) to look forward to in the meantime. The film is currently set to release here in Australia on 16 May 2019.

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