The Dark Room is both a play and video game.

Gamers Classified recently published a review of Mr John Robertson’s video game, The Dark Room. This is a text-based game where the player awakes to find themselves in a dark room and is prompted to make a series of decisions to help them escape. This video game is not based on an 80s text-based video game, but on a play called The Dark Room (the play is inspired by 80s text-based video games). Gamers Classified caught up Robertson at PAXAUS to discuss escape strategies, pro wrestling and what it’s like moving to the UK from Australia. You can watch the interview below.

For The Dark Room tour dates, please see Robertson’s website.  The play is an interactive version of the game. The theatre is dark except for some fairy lights on Robertson’s shoulder pads and a torch he points at his chin. Four options appear on a screen and Robertson calls for volunteers (called Darrens) to make selections until they inevitably meet their demise. At this point, the rest of the audience is all too happy to chant ‘YA DIE YA DIE YA DIE’ and occasionally ‘loot their corpses’, depending on the last option chosen. All participants receive a prize from the Table of Wonders which includes a tin of beans (just the tin), beans (sans tin) and a flamboyant potato (known as a pineapple in some circles). The Dark Room play can also be customised. Robertson explains that he has performed customised plays for birthday parties, children’s parties and ‘some very confusing weddings’.

Volunteers (called Darrens) are asked to choose an option.

Robertson also discussed his time as a professional wrestler which began in Western Australia’s New Horizons Pro Wrestling.  His signature move was the Occupational Health and Safety Splash which starts off looking like it will be a dangerous dive but ends as a firm slap, for safety reasons. Robertson then emigrated to England and trained with Knuckle Lock Pro Wrestling which is were he learned that pro wrestling was not the career for him. This lesson was delivered via one of the other wrestlers driving their forearm as hard as possible into Robertson’s neck. Ouch. He then returned to the world on stand up comedy ‘where no one will hurt you because they’re scared that you will verbally eviscerate them’.

John Robertson takes a bow at the end of The Dark Room play.

Robertson has the following advice for anyone considering emigrating from Australia to the UK: buy a lamp. It gets dark early in winter, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real thing. This is where the weather affects your mood and long winter nights can lead to depression. While in the UK he also recommends visiting Scotland because Scots and Aussies seem to be ab le to understand each other ‘on some intrinsic level’.

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