Nintendo is seemly bringing back physical rewards temporarily for people with enough platinum coins as reported on originally by Japanese Nintendo earlier today. The physical reward system, Club Nintendo, was an amazing during the Wii, 3DS and Wii U era’s of Nintendo, placing a small red card inside each game case with a unique code that when entered into the Club Nintendo website added a set amount of coins into your virtual bank to redeem physical items such as in game replicas, stylus’, exclusive soundtrack CDs and even an exclusive set of digital – and my favorite – physical games for the DS and Wii. Nintendo shut up shop with the physical rewards system before the end of the Wii U’s lifetime but brought back a digital variant for Switch owners.

Source: Japanese Nintendo

The Switch variant consisted of redeeming points directly on your Switch Cartridge that get stored on your MyNintendo Account that can be used to redeem discounts on the eShop and exclusive digital rewards – but it seems that Nintendo might be re-considering physical rewards as they are now offering stationary based of the LABO series. This LABO set includes exclusive items that you can buy with Platinum Coins on MyNintendo and feature letter sets and piggy banks based off the Mario, Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing series. All items are free (with the correct amount of Platinum Coins) and only require you to pay for shipping. I can only hope that these rewards surface outside of Japan and hopefully they become popular enough to encourage Nintendo to give us bigger and better rewards in the future. If you want to find out the latest in Japan releases, or see even more photo’s of the MyNintendo Exclusive LABO Sets, I highly suggest you follow Brian Cooper of Japanese Nintendo on Twitter or by the Japanese Nintendo Website.